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Keep Your Man Cave – I’ll Daydream In My “She Shed”

For years we’ve heard about “man caves” and seen them in all their glory, the wooden walls adorned with pennants from their favorite sports teams and poster of pin-up girls, big screen television in one corner and a fridge stocked with Coors Light next to the leather sofa. But what about the women in their life? Surely they must have an equivalent type of space to find solace right?

They do, and we call them “she sheds”, a phenomenon which has undoubtedly existed in one form or another for centuries. Unlike their male counterparts, women tend to have a bit more decorating sense, and infuse their personal space with a unique style that’s purposeful. Today we share some of our favorite she-sheds with you, and perhaps you’ll draw inspiration from these to create your own backyard haven.

#1. It’s always ladies night in this retro diner. Milkshakes and Marghertas anyone?


Anne and Ian Bate via

#2. Your man won’t be caught dead stepping inside this garden oasis!


Via Cottage Gardening

#3. A fitting spot to do a bit of writing perhaps, summoning the soul of Virgina Woolf.


Via Wooden House

#4. A scarlet bohemian style place to enjoy a cup of tea perhaps, or hang out with your reading circle.


Cuprinol via

#5. A potting paradise for the garderner


Via Heather Bullard

#6. My quiet spot, surrounded by nature and fresh air…


Ann and Brian Bailey via

#7. I’ll just be in my yoga studio, you know, drinking wine…


Cuprinol via

#8. The she shed is where the heart is!


Jamie and Gemma Dix via

#9. Because you need the right inspiration for your potting studio.


Via Wooden House

#10. Put a palm tree in here and have a staycation.


Via Coastal Home

#11. And to think men put lawnmowers and tools in here – this seems like a much better use of the space!


Via House to Home

#12. Even your plants need a bit of inspiration.


Via Better Homes and Gardens

#13. A shabby chic Victorian styled escape to romanticize the day away


Via tinyhouseblog

#14. While he’s watching the “big game” with the guys I’ll be in my Victorian manor with my ladies enjoying a peaceful spot of tea.



#15. The perfect setting for a secret ladies-only dinner club.




#16. Don’t even try to park your lawnmower in here!

class-andIf you could have your own she-shed what would you use it for? Let us know in the comments below!

I could see plenty of excuses to retreat to my own personal space like this. All I’d need is an electric wire fence around the perimeter to ensure total privacy from the kids and husband, am I right?


Organic Inspired Nautilus Seashell Home Is Something To Behold

Ever wonder what would happen if Arial of The Little Mermaid became an architect? Neither have I, but I imagine she might design a house that looks something like that. In reality, this wasn’t designed by a mermaid but rather by Javier Senosiain from Arquitectura Organica, a Mexican firm that specializes in unique creations like the one you see below.

While it looks quite extraordinary from the outside, when you step inside the home you instantly notice the barrage of bright colors spilling through the custom stained glass window. It’s simply gorgeous. The whimsical layout was designed to bridge the gap between architecture and nature, hence the shell shape. Inside the home you’ll find lots of curved edges and plants sprouting between organically shaped seating areas. Every room in this home brings some magical aura with it. Overall, it represents one of the most unique homes we’ve ever seen. What do you think?

Students Design Retro-Rustic Offgrid Nomad Camper For Easy Towing

The housing crisis may be over, but plenty of people all over still face the challenge of trying to find a place to call home. This retro-rustic styled dwelling is one of the prototypes from +FARM‘s summer design studio, where students immerse themselves in design and construction practices, attempting to bring new solutions to fruition.

The 2015 Nomad Studio shown here is modest, but beautiful, with a tiny 8′ x 5′ interior that sleeps two and quickly transforms into a lounge space. It has deployable solar panels that create 1kw, powering the coffee maker and film projector, and there’s even a stowable composting toilet hidden away.

Photos courtesy Andrew Nisbet

Tour this incredible beach cottage with us

The small island of Camano Island in Washington is a popular tourist destination. And Whidbey Camano Islands has everything you want in a secluded getaway far from the city life. It’s accessible to Vancouver and Seattle, and makes a perfect escape – especially if you have a chance to stay somewhere like this tiny beach cottage.

This 768sf Space Is Pure Eye Nectar For the Minimalist Home Lover

Wishbone has been at the top of the list of best tiny house builders for some time, so it’s no surprise they also design some pretty stylish ADUs (accessory dwelling units). Just check out this lovely offering, dubbed the “Schilling”. It’s bright, airy, and provides more than enough room to stretch your legs, while still maintaining a very small footprint, making it a perfect in-law or income property for the spacious backyard.

The Undeniably Stunning 399sf “Salish”

Here’s a looker! Three words: stunning, clean, bright. Ok, a few more words. This 399sf masterpiece can be found at the Wildwood, a luxury vacation resort, and is the newest addition to their set of homes. It costs $315k, but that gets you quite an impressive little home in an absolutely beautiful setting. And perhaps it can serve as inspiration to build your own version for a lot less!

Feast on the pictures below and enjoy!

5 Dull Garages Reincarnated As Beautiful Backyard Cottages

If you have a garage that doesn’t get much use, sometimes it makes sense to convert it into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), which can serve as an extra place to host guests or even a secondary income generator.

The Piedmont

This 300sf cottage sits in the backyard behind the owners primary North Portland residence and serves as a vacation rental unit that earns some extra income.

piedmont-cottage-exterior1 piedmont-cottage-ldk3

Coastal Retreat

Arguably one of the more stylish conversions we’ve seen, this sunny California cottage was designed by Beth Dana Design.


coastal-retreat-beth-dana-design-1 coastal-retreat-beth-dana-design-2

Michelle De La Vega’s Conversion

This artist wanted to earn a bit of extra income and decided to convert her garage into this industrial-chic dwelling. An artist and metalworker by trade, you can tell she stamped her own style into the construction, which she did herself.

michelle-de-la-vega-garage-conversion1-photo-by-ira-lippke michelle-de-la-vega-garage-conversion6-photo-by-ira-lippke



Photographs by Ira Lippke for New York Times

Maison Garage

Located in Bordeaux, France, this garage underwent the most dramatic transformation on the list. While searching for properties in Bordeaux, the only place within his budget was a dusty garage that his friends thought was a terrible idea – but he purchased it anyway and enlisted help from an architect friend to transform it into a modern bachelor pad that’s oozing with style.


interior2-600x314Bright & Spacious Cottage

When the owner of this backyard cottage contacted ART Design Build, they devised a plan to convert the seldom used one car garage into a bright and airy little cottage. Judging by the results, that was a great decision, and the execution was flawless, resulting in a stylish space with a folding murphy bed, loft, full kitchen and bathroom.

art-design-build-igloo-exterior1 art-design-build-igloo-living3

Photos by Tsantes Photography

While these designs might get your creative juices flowing, unfortunately it’s not always that easy to get permission to convert your garage into a space like this because of local ordinances. However, assuming you live in an area where you can legally modify your garage in such a way, it seems like a great idea.

A Wartime Bunker Is A Good Place For A Home, Right? Right!

Netherlands based architecture firm B-ILD have transformed this decrepit, ancient war-time bunker into a cool, rustic-chic getaway. I’d be the first to keep my arm down in a show of hands of people who thought a dank old bomb shelter would make a good place to reside, but seeing this project might have just changed my mind. It’s an unorthodox adaptive re-use project that, at first glance, doesn’t have a lot going for it. Upon closer look, that’s exactly what the architect used to craft a majestic underground dwelling.

The ironic thing is that B-UILD’s additions are minimal and strategic, allowing the weathered board-formed concrete walls to define the aesthetic of the space. It’s a move that pays off in the end, turning the very thing that made the space desolate into what makes it shine. The bunker is small, occupying only 118 square feet of floor area. As a space saver, the sleeping area deploys barracks-style bunk beds; an appropriate nod to a common war-time building type.

war-bunker-house-1 war-bunker-house-2 war-bunker-house-3 war-bunker-house-4 war-bunker-house-5 war-bunker-house-6 war-bunker-house-7 war-bunker-house-8 war-bunker-house-9 war-bunker-house-10

Brilliant Design Makes This The Most Beautiful Trailer Home We’ve Seen

Don’t think you’d ever live in a trailer home? You might reconsider after laying eyes on this creative masterpiece. Located in Austin, Texas, this very unique home is actually made from two trailers allowing it to be moved easily. Though small, at just 400 square feet, it’s big on style thanks in part to the genius of interior designer Kim Lewis.

Clean lines, rich textures, and a balance of neutral white/black with splashes of color bring a ton of personality into the space. The salvaged flooring came from a 1960s home in Austin.


The breezeway includes a pair of dog houses nested under the bench, and make for a cozy place for their two rescues to catch some Z’s.


The slim kitchen features plenty of space to prep thanks in part to a movable island. Instead of a refrigerator, the owners use two small refrigerator drawers.

y9Uf2cTiFuex 2ariS3ZeRJnx

Slim barn doors made from perforated copper panels help save space and look amazing. The “You look good” tile pattern also adds a playful touch.


Behind the bed on the trailer’s gooseneck you’ll find a spacious closet that also includes a 2-in-1 washer/dryer.

skwKYT8G4zgx t5dl-pvwoAzxThe two owners of this home moved from Colorado to Austin to start their second urban winery business, and the home doubles as a tasting room. Thanks to the team at Tiny House Nation and the brilliance of Kim Lewis they were able to make their dream home a reality.

The curb appeal starts at the colorful steps and reaches every inch of the exterior. The spacious deck offers extra space for entertaining, and we love the hammock draped between the two planters. Based on the results we imagine they won’t have a problem impressing guests, wherever they decide to take their trailer home.

(Image credits: Lonny)

A perfect example of a very unique tiny home

An absolutely stunning, one-of-a-kind tiny home for sale in Denver! Clocking in at a cozy but comfortable 288sf, with a galley style kitchen – and perhaps most impressive, the wood log backdrop on the wall!