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Custom Made Guitar Toilet Seats

It’s not uncommon for people to infuse their home with decorating that reflects their personal values and interests, and surely you’ve raised your eyebrows over some of the odd things in your friend’s or families’ homes. But you probably haven’t seen a guitar toilet seat, until now.

guitar-seat electric-guitar-seat

These custom made toilet seats are perfect for the aspiring or professional musician in your life. They come in several colors and are available in either acoustic or electric versions. If guitar isn’t your instrument of choice, they also make a piano version.

Visit Jamminjohns for more information and to purchase your very own – that is if your significant other will allow it.

The Multipurpose Cube Inside This Home Is Pure Genius

On the outside this home appears to be your everyday little cottage, but inside things have changed quite a bit since it was originally built. A young family of four occupies the space, which saw a dramatic remodel. They removed the back half of the home, replacing it with an open living/dining room area and then added a totally unique cube/pod system in the center.

The pod may seem a bit odd at first, almost a waste of space, until you understand what it’s used for. Inside its walls you’ll find a bathroom, powder room, and pantry. It also serves as a wall to separate the playroom from the main living and dining area.

Photos by: Lauren Bamford

5 Easy DIY Bathroom Projects For Dramatic Results

The bathroom is a sacred spot, a place where cleanliness, organization and a sense of style come together in intimate harmony. It’s also a place that deserves your focus on improving the quality, whether it be improving the smell, accessibility to certain items, or just adding a small visible aesthetic that elevates the mood. Whatever your reason, here are five projects that can improve the quality of your bathroom.

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1. Bathroom Ladder

Here’s a simple “ladder” that stands against the wall, offering a convenient place to hang towels or attach hooks to hold toilet paper. (source)


and here’s another


2. DIY Bathroom Hair Dryer Holder

If you’re like anyone else out there who has a hair dryer, electric toothbrush, and shaver laying all over the place you know how crazy it can get. Cords everywhere, just waiting to drop into the toilet and electrocute you to death. At the very least they’re getting in the way. Here’s a nice solution (source)

3. Pebble stone bathmat or doormat

This would be super awesome feeling on my bare feet, and I imagine it only costs $10 or less depending on what materials you have. Basically you get a piece of plastic, some hot glue and some rocks. Glue them to the plastic and boom, instant foot massage out of the shower. (source)

4. Multiple Mirror Layout

Want to make it harder to see yourself? No worries, it looks cool plus it ups the feng shui factor big time. If you’re getting older you don’t really need to see yourself as closely anyways, so the multiple mirror approach is actually a smart one.

5. Add some storage

You’ve got all sorts of things that need sorting, from toothbrushes to cotton balls and q-tips. Use this simple approach for a rustic, functional, and downright simple way to take care of it. It involes a piece of wood for a backing, some adjustable pipe clamps and mason jars.