The world is a strange and beautiful place. Each of these 15 homes proves that we are not limited by conventional thought when it comes to designing and creating something truly unique. Using what we can find, what we know, and what we think we can learn, the world can become just a little bit stranger, and a lot more beautiful.

1 | A house on a rock in a lake in the fog in a forest.


2 | Thai Dome Home.

595-934x 602-934x

3 | House on a hill…or should I say in a hill.

5114-934x 5214-934x 5311-934x

4 | Next stop? House in a caboose. 

3324-934x 3227-934x

5 | Floating your boat house. 11116-934x

6 | Desert land bridge house.5810-934x 5710-934x 5610-934x

7 | House you could fit on a fork lift.

3523-934x 3324-934x

8 | The ‘no one knows’ house.


9 | Solar powered barrel house.

692-934x 687-934x

10 | There’s a 747 in my living room house.

3143-620x 4103-620x

11 | The grassy knoll house.


12 | Not your grand daddy’s trailer.


13 | Blue container house.


14 | The Frank Lloyd Wright house.


15 | The school bus…house.

686-934x 783-934x