The Dune house looks half-buried in the earth, a striking sight on the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands. The unusual design comes courtesy of Marc Koehler Architects, and its diamond shape delivers a most unsual perspective of the surrounding plains and the distant North Sea.


modern-house-design-3 interior-modern-house-design-4 interior-modern-house-design-3

Inside the home you’ll find a layout that mimicks the name, creating a sense of wandering a dune as you traverse the various levels. Regardless of where you are, plenty of windows illuminate the shapes and angles inside with a dazzling light. A variety of sustainable elements went into the build, including prefab wood, solar panels, and a biomass fireplace.

interior-modern-house-design-2 interior-modern-house-design-1 Dune-House-by-Marc-Koehler-Architects_dezeen_784_1

Photography: Marc Koehler Architects