This artist studio in Hague, New York rests on a steep hill on the crest of Lake George, a mere 140 steps above the waters edge. The owners of the studio wished to create a modest space with which they could live, practice sculpture, and entertain guests. The building itself embodies a literal sculptural aesthetic that is a reflection of the art that is produced within its walls.



polygon-sculpture-studio-7 polygon-sculpture-studio-8 polygon-sculpture-studio-9 polygon-sculpture-studio-10
polygon-sculpture-studio-2 polygon-sculpture-studio-4 polygon-sculpture-studio-5

Views out towards the lake are central to the interior layout. A large sliding door exposes the living room to the tree canopy and the serene body of water beyond. Red cedar is used inside and out, creating a cohesive transition upon entering the space. The interior wood creates a warm harmony that is cleverly juxtapose to the cold concrete floors.

The ‘Polygon’ Studio was designed by Jeffery S. Poss Architects and received the 2014 Merit Award For Architectural Design by the American Institute of Architects Central Illinois Chapter.