The dome is an age-old architectural form that was lauded in its conception for its ability to create seemingly unsupported spans, resulting in an abundance of open space. This timber dome home is one of a series that were built in  the middle of a lychee garden in Gaoming, China. The huts are light-weight, low-energy, and meant to be a contemporary take on traditional Chinese forms and expressions.

Architect Timothy Oulton designed the shells to be comprised of 80 pre-fabricated timber panels that could be easily assembled on site, ensuring a speedy and accurate assembly process.

Interiors feature elements, such as the grand spiral staircase, that mimic the circular shape of the overarching dome structure. Each of the homes is built to German Passive House Standards, which are widely known to be among the most strict internationally. The goal was to build a collection of eco-friendly shelters that became a backdrop to the surrounding gardens, rather than an intrusion.