Set amid a thick forest in the Ukraine, these sleek guest houses were completed in just two months by YOD design lab. Each cabin was built with lightweight metal frames and no foundation, resulting in a scant 2,200 kilogram weight. Each cabin is positioned on top of a wooden deck, and the low impact design means they don’t harm the landscape.


The sleek black facade on the front contrasts nicely with the natural wood used throughout the build, and the inside is simply appointed yet luxurious.

YOD-design-lab-guest-houses-in-relax-park-verholy-ukraine-designboom-03YOD-design-lab-guest-houses-in-relax-park-verholy-ukraine-designboom-05 YOD-design-lab-guest-houses-in-relax-park-verholy-ukraine-designboom-06 YOD-design-lab-guest-houses-in-relax-park-verholy-ukraine-designboom-07


photography by andrey avdeenko
all images courtesy of YOD design lab