There’s a lot to love in this tiny cabin, from the abundance of reclaimed and salvaged wood to the repurposed wagon wheel chandelier and the splash of color in the country kitchen. At just 336 square feet it packs a lot of cozy, rustic charm into a tiny space thanks to a terrific remodel by Heritage Restoration.


The cottage serves as a guest house, and is located outside Waco, Texas. Upon entering, one of the first things you’ll notice are the high ceilings and the large exposed beams and broad planks salvaged from a barn.


An array of “naked” tree trunks support the ceiling above the loft.

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What do you think? Is there anything you’d change about this country cottage? Let us know in the comments.


  1. My husband has wanted to live in a tiny house since he first saw one. Right now I can't see me doing it. I have slowly gone down in size in my last house's/ I have gone from a 3800 square foot home and that's not counting the 2 car garage and the other out side buildings down to a double wide that was just about 3000 square ft. $ bedrooms , 3 baths. Would have still been there but because of our neighbors not liking us because of our religion and they were actually shooting at us and had their friends harassing us we eventually moved. Did we call the police. Yes we did many times but we even had a security system installed which caught all of the shooting and harassment that was going on but the police said they had to see everything happening for them selves. One night I called them because one of the neighbor's friend had started pulling into our drive way and burning rubber out of our drive way. I called the police and When I hung up a woman police office had took the call and she called me back about 30 minutes later and told me to look down the road to my left. We did and they had the guys that were harassing us surrounded with police cars , lights flashing. She said she had pulled down on the next road where she could watch what was taking place and she saw everything. That harassment stopped because those guys went to jail, and lost their car and we didn't even have to appear in court to do anything. But when you have to go out to walk in your and take a cell phone incase you get shot and you need to call for help it just isn't worth it. We moved 5 miles away to another mobile home that is a little less then 1500 square foot. We are ate the end of a dead end street. One again the neighbors found out about our religion and we have had problem's. We talk to 2 neighbors on our street occasionally and that is when we see some one go into their yard and alert them. But that is all. I have incurable leukemia and right now I have been doing pretty good holding my own. Right now I am in a battle because I need a blood transfusion and I do not do blood transfusions. I have know 3 people, one a baby who had a court ordered blood transfusion and all 3 died with in 24 hours after receiving tainted blood. My son who is a P.A. in the Navy/ Marines will not give his patients a blood transfusion until he makes it clear that they understand that they are not 100% safe as they say they are. I like having my 1/2 acre yard, working in my yard and having my flowers outside. They are like my babies. My husband thought I was crazy because I name my plant's and if one dies I actually get upset and cry. He told my cancer doctor how I am about my flowers and told him he thought I might be a little crazy but my cancer doctor said I was right in every thing I was doing. That my husband should do some research on his own. My husband had a stroke , his second 2 weeks ago. He was already legally blind and 60 % death in one ear and almost no hearing in his other ear. This stroke to more of his eye sight away and more of his hearing away. I told him if I died first he would probably be living with a younger woman and enjoying life more. I am 14 years older them him. He said no he would probably be living in a tiny home wishing I was there with him. I can see his point and all about the tiny home. But I am at a point in my life that right now I want to be able to enjoy my yard and flowers. Maybe when it comes to the point where I can't get out in the yard no longer then I will consider a tiny home that you can move when you want to get up and go. I like this little house here. Maybe I could deal with this a lot better for right now if I had to. I would like to also have a bath tub in the house because since my husband has had the second stroke his thermostat has broke. He was always a hot person , always sweating. Now he is the complete opposite and sometime the only way he can get warm is to stay in a hot tub of water or a hot shower. I can't take bath's. I used to drive a 18 wheeler with my second husband for 5 years. Needless to say after almost 19 years of marriage I divorced him. People thought I was crazy because they thought we would kill each other. No we didn't but he locked me out of our truck a few times and took off the stopped and Watched me walk back to the truck. So I know you have to have the special relationship to live in a small space with some one. So I am still at odds with a tiny house at this moment. It might be the perfect thing for some couples but I just don't think I am read y yet. road about a mile

    • They're asking your opinion on the house, not about the sordid details of your personal life.

      They house is actually very cozy looking, yet roomy for a tiny house. Ideal for me.

    • First, what is your religion that people are so against it? Then, I do not think either of you need to even be thinking of a move if you are both in such bad health. Moving in very hard on a person, so if both of you are in such bad health, you need to not even consider a move until you are BOTH in very good health. Which for your husband does not sound like it would be to soon. And for you, unless you get over the cancer you have, you do not need to be considering moving at all.

  2. A master sleeping area on lower level….seniors have stair issues. Also, option other than spiral staircase.

    Even if foot print has to be 600 – 700 sq'….would be an "extra small" home vs. "Tiny".

  3. OMG….I wouldn't change a thing. I could spend the rest of my life in that cute little house….its just perfect size for me!!

  4. The only thing that I don't like is the loft. For someone like me that have a hard time using stairs these ones will be a killer. Thinking also if you have older guest it will be a challenge. I love everything else. Is a beautiful house.

  5. Yes I would change one thing…the owner! Hubby & I would be very comfortable living in this adorable cottage.

  6. Love everything but would add an upstairs half bath. Would hate to have to navigate a spiral staircase half asleep at 3AM!!

  7. I would have to have more light especially in the kichen I would like conventional stairs with storage under. Laundry. I wish more of these showed what I would have like a coffee pot and microwave and TV. I understand that many many people dont have these.

  8. Love it, except don't like the spiral staircase; too hard to take furniture and my body up! Also, would want a built in dishwasher in kitchen!

  9. I would change the shower doors, I don't like them, they seem out of place. Not sure what I would use iTinanstead but it wouldn't be sliding doors

  10. Where do you keep your "stuff?" Is there a closet? I too am opposed to spiral staircases. Try to negotiate those at night when you must descend to use the facility. Strictly for young adults. Elderly and children would find most difficult.

  11. Where do you keep your "stuff?" Is there a closet? I too am opposed to spiral staircases. Try to negotiate those at night when you must descend to use the facility. Strictly for young adults or teens. Elderly and children would find most difficult.

  12. Where are the closet? What is the heat source? Like the looks but I would need heat and at least one closet.

  13. Love the home and really appreciate that there are enough pictures of the inside that a viewer can really see what it is like.
    I agree with the comments about a bedroom upstairs being limiting. It is. Perhaps add at least a Murphy bed even if it isn't used and you place furniture in front of it that needs to be moved if and when you use it.
    I agree that the photos to not show closet space or any real storage outside of the kitchen or bathroom.
    I agree that a staircase that isn't spiral would be better and putting one in with storage drawers between each step and under the steps could provide some needed additional storage.
    The lattice outside to cover the crawl space looks great but we have always found lattice difficult to paint and maintain. Get some pallet wood and just box it in and make a pair of doors with hinges so you can open and crawl under the porch if you ever need too.
    I would also want at least one easy overstuffed or reclining chair in the home.
    I would also add some built in shelving in the living area for books, CD's, and such. Sort of a library look up high since this area has a vault ceiling and add a library ladder for access.
    I would also want a dishwasher and would prefer appliances in stainless steel or black so they don't jump out at you as the white does.
    I agree with the comments about a stove or fireplace. Perhaps remove the set of french style doors that open into the living room and put a fireplace or stove on that wall with built in shelving on the sides.
    Now with these comments don't feel this isn't a winning home. It is a winner.

  14. Love this tiny house. I would not change a thing. Lovely roomy and comfortable. Only thing I would like to know more about how it is heated abd cooked.

  15. Beings that this is presented as a guest cottage, I would change nothing. Minimal need for storage except possibly a closet for hanging clothes.

    If I were contemplating it as a permanent home, a half bath upstairs would be essential to alleviate a dangerous trip down the stairs in the middle of the night. And add more storage……..otherwise absolutely delightful!