Sometimes it’s the little things that remind us of the beauties of nature, and the importance of place. The “Sky House” designed by Vancouver based Platform Architects and set in the dusty, rolling planes of Eastern Washington single-handily juggles the stark juxtaposition of earth and sky. This modest cabin built for two is firmly rooted in its relationship to the ground, yet sits atop a raised plain and emphasizes verticality in a way that pulls attention to the sky.


The 840 square foot building is composed of pre-fabricated panels that made delivery of materials and on-site construction cost-efficient and minimally invasive. Stacking the interior spaces on two stories allowed the cabin to maintain a small footprint while utilizing the tall volume to maximize stack ventilation. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the house is also completely off the grid, a necessity given its seclusion.


The exterior is clad in raw steel panels. Over time, seasonal rains give the steel a reddish patina, matching the color of the surrounding bedrock and further cementing the structure in its setting.

Sky-House-by-Jesse-Garlick-4Sky-House-by-Jesse-Garlick-5Sky-House-by-Jesse-Garlick-6Interiors are subdued and industrial, creating a cold, yet intimate space that offsets the endless views beyond.
Sky-House-by-Jesse-Garlick-8Space-savers such as this operable bed platform combine uses to maximize functionality in such a tiny space. Because of this, nothing ever feels cramped or constricted.


The-Sky-House-Small-Cabin-Jesse-Garlick-Vancouver-Suspended-Bed-Humble-HomesSky-House-by-Jesse-Garlick-1The setting is as serene as it is majestic. Large south-facing openings take full advantage of sprawling views of the Cascade Mountains.

Sky-House-by-Jesse-Garlick-3The-Sky-House-Small-Cabin-Jesse-Garlick-Vancouver-Wood-Stove-Humble-Homes The-Sky-House-Small-Cabin-Jesse-Garlick-Vancouver-Kitchen-Humble-Homes

floor plan

Photos: Jesse Garlick, The Morrisons