Have you ever wondered which hotel would be best for a family vacation with your two young children? The search is over. Just recently the much anticipated Legoland Hotel opened. The structure sits in Winter Haven, Florida and is styled to look like legos.

Let’s step inside, shall we?


“From the minute you walk into Legoland Hotel, you can see it’s totally designed and built for kids,” said Legoland spokesperson Julie Estrada.

The hotel includes 2000 hand built Lego items, like a massive grunt guarding the moat, waiting about to smash you.


You can eat at Bricks Family Restaurant, where everyone can enjoy a healthy and fresh meal.


Enroll the kids in a “Master Brick Building” and head to the pool to sip a cocktail.


Vibrant scenes like this won’t leave your kid wanting for imagination or claiming they’re “bored”.


Just check out the bed! The kiddos won’t have any trouble hopping in there around bedtime.


They have boys and girls options so there’s no arguing over who gets which.

legoland-in-florida-08 legoland-in-florida-09

Did we mention cocktails under the sun?


Can’t you summon your inner child and go floating on a lego block?