When you go camping, naturally some of the conveniences and luxuries of home remain far away, and that’s usually a good thing as you reconnect with nature and friends. But as nice as roughing it is in many ways, you might miss hot showers, soft beds, and perhaps your hot tub.


Now there’s a solution to that last one. The Nomad hot tub easily packs into a small space and uses a thermosyphoning heating coil that runs off propane to heat water to a toasty 160 degrees. This awesome product would be ideal for the tiny house folks and glamping fanatics who want the added luxury of a hot tub without the maintenance and weight.

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  1. This contraption of yours, is the worst thing you could EVER do for a camping trip. Camping trips are supposed to be about learning how to be a human being, how to go back to the default survival instincts on your own when this country goes to hell and we run out of natural gases and electricity, how to get to know nature and how to be able to adapt to nature without technology. Yet people are so greedy, they may as well fuckin pack their house on a trailer, go out 10 feet off the road into the dirt, unload their house and call it a camping trip. Will never buy this trash, and any real man or woman who knows what camping out is all about, will never even look at this. Only pussy city folk will buy this and MAYBE use it once, you don't have what it takes to make for a real camping trip when all you do is seek convenience in your life no matter the situation, even when committing to a simple camping trip someone has to make it super difficult by adding excess weight that would get one mauled by a bear, non essential, highly inconvenient when you guys get fucked up by nature for disgracing its name

  2. haters gonna hate. i'm glamping.

    i already figured out how to make all that water appear in the middle of a field, using a helicopter.