If you’re like me, the idea of living in a school bus doesn’t sound all that appealing at first. But once you see what Mike and Natalie Young did, you might give it a second thought. The young newlyweds took an unusual approach toward living life, which some might find difficult to understand. Others however will see their decision as one that promotes happiness and freedom.

While most newlyweds fuss over curtains and wallpaper in their home, this couple bought “Rosie” as they call her, a 30′ long 1978 Bluebird school bus, which they found for $3,000 and made into a cozy home. At 300 square feet it has just enough room for them to live comfortably with their dog Atlas, a pitbull they recently adopted.



Above, Mike prepares tea on the two-burner camping stove they use for cooking. Below, Natalie relaxes with a magazine on the bed that’s tucked into the back of the bus.



Judging by the array of quality knives and spices, Mike and Natalie enjoy a good meal, something they have no problem with despite the limited kitchen and cooking space.


Inside you’ll find a simply appointed home, nothing too fancy, but one that has all the necessary means to live comfortably. They transformed the drab old bus into a chic modern home that’s capable of taking them anywhere they please.


The bus still runs, and the couple planned to drive it from Austin to Oregon.



“I mean, I would raise children in here,” Natalie Young said. “Of course, we’d need a better heat solution, but those things can be done. It’s funny to see people’s responses and have them see us as crazy kids. In reality, it’s just an extension of how we’ve already lived and how we want to continue to live.”

The bus life doesn’t come without its challenges. Heating and insulation doesn’t work so well inside the thin, steel-walled vessel. But they come up with solutions, using thick thermal fabric to hang between sections and retain warmth. They aren’t sure how long they’ll spend living in the bus, but don’t see it as a whimsical choice, rather as something that fits with their united vision of living.