Gardeners tend to fall into two camps. Some have a natural green thumb, while others struggle to keep anything green alive. Water is obviously essential to the survival of any plant, but the quality can vary greatly, and a small shift in PH, or excess nutrients might be all it takes to kill a plant.


This simple recipe for eggshell water might be all you need to go from zero to hero in the garden. All you need is a plastic milk jug (or some other container) and a few crushed egg shells.

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Grind up anywhere from 3-6¬†shells, and mix them with a gallon of water. Let the water sit for a day or so while it absorbs the shells, and then water your plants. It’s ok if a piece of shell falls into the soil, as it will slowly break down over time.

Why does this work? Egg shells are rich in micronutrients, including calcium, which acts as a natural PH buffer. It also has trace amounts of potassium and magnesium, two essential nutrients that work together to help deliver necessary food to plants. So you end up with an organic fertilizer that costs pennies on the dollar!