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Tiny Polish Apartment A Stunning Display of Simplicity

Who knew particleboard could look so elegant? In this consumer age where we feel so pressured to buy new things and flaunt conspicuous consumption, it’s nice to see the opposite side of the spectrum, where people value simplicity and minimalism but don’t sacrifice style and comfort. There’s a certain refreshing air of freedom that a lack of possessions, and far from seeming drab and confined, the simple and cost-effective arrangement of this apartment brings a higher sense of aesthetic beauty. The tiny apartment clocks in at just 312 square feet, yet it feels much larger. They manage to fit a loft with a bed, a nice kitchen, great storage options, and even a workspace and living room. By combining the natural wood colors with clean white, some exposed brick, and a dash of colors they layer a perfect amount of style into the space. I mean, who knew particleboard could look so great? Now you know…