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Rare Sighting: A PreFab Home That Looks Natural In The Wild

It’s often difficult for a pre-fabricated home or building to have a cohesive relationship with its building site. Even if great care is taken to orient the factory-built structure to best highlight the important views, topography, etc., they can have a tendency to feel tacked on rather than integrated with their surroundings.

This particular project by German industrial designers Patrick Frey and Bjorn Gotte manages to come off the shelf and into the wild with a soft and subtle nuance not often seen in pre-fab.

The Summerhaus Piu PreFab Vacation Home boasts a clean, warm material palette that quickly associates it with its surrounding environment. There is some flexibility in the design and manufacturing process that allows materials to be applied smartly based on native and available materials. This gives the home a closer connection to its final resting place regardless of where that might be. Large openings bring in light, and the home is pointed out towards the best, most scenic views.

10+ Stylish Prefab Homes That Won’t Break The Bank

While we love seeing all the upscale prefabs marketed as sustainable and low-cost solutions, they often seem overpriced, which flies in the face of the sustainable values that guide their vision. These are ten of the most affordable and versatile prefab homes that prove you don’t need a deep bank account to get a stylish home.

1The Escape Cabin

This gorgeous RV model can be towed anywhere you want, and comes fully outfitted with all the modern finishes you could dream of. With roughly 500 square feet of space, and plenty of options, it’s a great choice. Starting at $79,000.

canoe-bay-escape-cabin-002 canoe-bay-escape-cabin-003

2The Cocoyoc House

Two brothers in Mexico built this impressive open design on a piece of land they inherited. It includes a seriously nice kitchen and a media room for a meager $70/sf, making it one of the cheapest and most impressive in the list.

cocoyoc-house-kitchen cocoyoc-house-facade

3Muji’s Prefab Solution

This architect set out to address a problem with Japanese housing, where the average lifespan of a home is just 38 years (as opposed to 100+ in the US). He sells larger homes for around $200k that are meant to provide plenty of space for a family, and designed to last.

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4The Ideabox Mini RV

This company wants to re-imagine what modular homes mean, using high quality materials to build a long-lasting, functional little home that’s also environmentally friendly. Pricing for the non-wheel “Mini RV” model starts at $46,500.

ideabox-01-598x400 ideabox-02-598x400

5Ecocottage Osprey

This stylish little prefab is actually the largest of their models, at a whopping 512 square feet. It only costs $59,500 which makes it a great bargain.

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6Bluhomes Balance

We include Bluhomes in this list because price is sometimes relative, and in this case you get a super high end prefab that easily rivals a custom designed architect-builder home at a price that’s much friendlier. Though, at $400k+ it’s not exactly “affordable” in every sense of the word.

64405-ba-wi-2-md 64405-balance-vista-exterior-md

7The Caboose By Wheelhaus

One of several gorgeous designs by Wheelhaus, the Caboose packs a lot of luxury into a small park model RV package. The base package you see here costs $96,000.

400-sq-ft-wheelhaus-cabin-0004-600x401 400-sq-ft-wheelhaus-cabin-0008-600x399

8Lake Flato Porch House

Designed by Lake|Flato Architects, this relatively new prefab aims to deliver quality and style at a friendly price of around $150/square foot.

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9Living Homes C6

A premier maker of sustainable prefabs, Living Homes just unveiled their recent C6 update, and it’s a beauty. They integrate the latest green technology and innovation in this home at a price of $145/square foot.

c6_prefab_home-10 c6_prefab_home-13

10KRDM MaModular

This offshoot of KRDM aims to provide affordable, stylish, and thoughtful designs via their sister company Ma Modular, where the aim is to bring affordability to the modern prefab market. Prices for this beauty start at $150 square foot.


11Rocio Romeros

His LV series home fits into the modern/contemporary prefab style and comes in at a low base price of $21,000.

The Cocoon Cabin Delivers A Sleek & Sustainable 480sf Design

The Cocoon Cabin represents the smallest of Cocoon9’s prefab designs, but it doesn’t skimp on style. In fact, the entire concept is built upon the idea that prefab/modular housing doesn’t have to be boring. The international design firm built an open and spacious prefab using environmentally-friendly materials like FSC certified bamboo, cerused oak, and insulated glass with thermally broken aluminum frames. Inside you’ll find a variety of furniture and design finishes that serve multiple purposes.


The fold away bed not only makes extra space when neatly tucked into the wall, but also swivels into a desk, and plenty of built-in storage surrounds the bed.


Clean white walls contrast nicely with the warm oak floors.


Huge floor to ceiling windows allow plenty of light to spill in and invite the surroundings inside, making the space feel larger than it actually is.



Images courtesy Cocoon9