One day Jordan Menzel went for a stroll and passed an Airstream trailer parked on the side of the road. He paused to admire it for a moment, then continued about his business. Little did he know that encounter would signal a moment of serendipity, fate if you will, because later that week while browsing Craigslist he came across the same 1979 Ambassador Airstream for sale.


Until then, he hadn’t fostered any dreams of owning an RV, let alone living in one, but something took hold and in a matter of hours he was scheming of a project. He managed to purchase the trailer for a song, and began the project. While it wasn’t easy to complete, the finished product is nothing short of a masterpiece.


With a makeshift firepit flanked by log seats, a deck built from repurposed pallets, and some garden beds right outside, he carved out a perfectly simple and satisfying place to call home.


Jordan broke down pallets and used them to build a closet and the cabinet surrounding the refrigerator. The wood brings a welcome warmth and contrast to the aluminum shell.


He describes his style as a mixture of contemporary, vintage, and elemental, combining clean white walls, warm wood tones, and of course, polished stainless steel.

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Built in overhead storage helps keep the space free from clutter.


Jordan spends much of his time at this desk, whether working, eating, or reading and writing.


“Falling asleep in this hilariously odd creation sort of put to rest all my personal struggles and allowed me to have a renewed sense of who I am and what I wanted: a simple, happy life.”

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Jason and his daughter Penelope happily share the small space.


Parked in Salt Lake City, Utah, he lives a simple, happy life in the Airstream along with his little girl, Penelope. The trailer itself cost only $4000, and the extensive renovations added a decent chunk to the total cost, but the end result is priceless. It seems worth it though, as Jordan and his daughter have the freedom to enjoy more of what life has to offer.