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iPod Speaker Dock Made From Supercar Exhaust Pipes

Automotive enthusiasts have strong feelings about which exhaust sounds best. Some prefer the throaty and thunderous American V8; others like the raspy V12 of a Ferrari, and still others may prefer the melodic sound of an inline six-cylinder from BMW. Regardless of your preference for any particular engine + exhaust combo, we can all probably agree that the fine examples from the Italian company ixoost sounds best of all (or at least our wives can!).


Each speaker dock comes fitted with a 8, 10, or 12-cylinder exhaust from a supercar. Conveniently located in Modena, Italy, home to the Ferrari factory, this project is the brainchild of Matteo Panini and Micro Pecorari. These speakers are custom made to order and include a working subwoofer, drivers, and full integration with iPhones. In case you’re wondering, the price comes in at around $6,500 and like many supercars, the supply is limited.

ixoost-designboom-02 ixoost-designboom-03 ixoost-designboom-04 ixoost-designboom-05 ixoost-designboom-06 ixoost-designboom-07 ixoost-designboom-08


image courtesy of ixoost

Inspiration ‘Flows’ Through These Reclaimed Wood Tables

The Pacific Northwest is home to many beautiful native species of hardwood that local artists and furniture makers have used to create wonderful pieces of natural art. Greg Klassen is one of these artists. He takes unique pieces of reclaimed wood slabs and transforms them into stunning tables that exploit the natural contours of the wood grain. He embeds pieces of cut glass that fit snugly into gaps in the wood resulting in what appear to be rivers flowing through the barren earth.

Klassen cuts, sands, and finishes the wood, but little else, resulting in a celebration of the inherent beauty in the imperfections we find in nature. The inlaid glass magnifies this notion, and speaks to the revitalization of once discarded natural resources.

Who’s a good lamp? YOU ARE a good lamp!

When describing various pieces of furniture and accessories around your home, words like “chic” and “modern” might come into play, but chances are you don’t look at your bedside lamp and describe it as “adorable”. If you own a Luminose “puppy lamp” you might. Designed by Elizabeth Zimmerer and Márton Lente, both of whom love dogs and interior design, the lamp is probably the cutest thing we’ve seen recently. It’s sure to generate plenty of conversation as well, thanks to its clever design.



Easily change the puppy lamp position from sitting to standing, or even downward-facing dog.





The cord wrapped around it’s neck is made to imitate a leash.






Interested in purchasing one of your own? Check out for more information.

10+ Useful Products You Should Have For Offgrid Living

Living offgrid is synonymous with living a simple life, one free from materialism and conspicuous consumption. But that doesn’t mean abandoning all remnants of modern civilization and living like a caveman. In fact, with a few handy products you can greatly enhance your levels of comfort and utility without sacrificing the minimalist and sustainable ideals. Whether you’re a prepper getting ready for the coming apocalypse or a family trying to comfortably live offgrid, these products should help. Have any suggestions we should add to the list? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

1Luci Solar Lantern

We first saw this sweet lantern outside this tiny house, and the owners seem to love it.

2$40 Pedal Washer

This awesome little washing machine made by Giradora runs off your foot, and does both washing and drying. Though not yet released, you can find out more and follow their development progress via their Facebook page.

3DIY Energy Monitor In A Jar


When you’re generating a limited supply of energy from the sun and storing that precious power, it’s crucial to know how much energy you’re using. This simple device will help do exactly that. Check it out at

4eCool Underground Beer Fridge


Few things disappoint more than a warm beer. With precious room in your fridge, the eCool offers a unique and smart solution. Visit their website to learn more.

5Instapark Solar Charger Station


Anker provides a nice portable solution for recharging your phone, computer, or any other small devices with this versatile solar power pack. Check it out here.

6All American Sun Oven

Unless you plan on living off wild berries and foraged greens, you might want to have a proper way to cook food. The Sun Oven gets high scores for its ease of use and effectiveness. Check it out here.

7SunRocket Solar Thermos & Kettle


Similar to the solar oven, having a way to make a cup of tea or enjoy a french pressed coffee in the morning should be at the top of your list. This stylish unit can heat your water and keep it warm with its thermos. Check it out here.

8Cooking With Sunshine


This guide might come in handy to get your creative juices flowing when cooking with that solar powered stove.

9Solar Radio/Flashlight/Charger

With a combination that includes a radio, flashlight and a charger for your phone, this little unit has a ton of great reviews and only costs about $23. Get it here.

10Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected Happens

Aside from the rest of these gadgets you’ll probably find a need arising for plenty of other situations you never imagined. This book is a great resource for preparedness when you need it most. Get it here.

11The Nomad Hot Tub

Think you need to forgo luxuries when living offgrid? Sure, a hot tub is nice to have, but they’re a serious electricity suck, you always have to replace the cover, and not to mention where would you put one? We recently shared this new product with our readers, and think it deserves a spot here. While it might not be entirely necessary, it does offer a little slice of luxury. Learn more here.

This Portable Hot Tub Will Warm Up Your Next Camping Trip

When you go camping, naturally some of the conveniences and luxuries of home remain far away, and that’s usually a good thing as you reconnect with nature and friends. But as nice as roughing it is in many ways, you might miss hot showers, soft beds, and perhaps your hot tub.


Now there’s a solution to that last one. The Nomad hot tub easily packs into a small space and uses a thermosyphoning heating coil that runs off propane to heat water to a toasty 160 degrees. This awesome product would be ideal for the tiny house folks and glamping fanatics who want the added luxury of a hot tub without the maintenance and weight.

collapsible-hot-tub-6 collapsible-hot-tub-5 collapsible-hot-tub-3

Check out for more information.

The Opera Camper Brings High Design To Camping

Stowaway trailers like this aren’t exactly new, and for decades people have hitched them to their vehicles, roaming from state to state in search of adventure. For the most part, normal trailer designs remain largely uninspired. The Opera trailer on the other hand, is anything but normal. Design inspiration comes from the Sydney Opera House, and the company behind the product, Your Suite in Nature, built this luxury mobile “popup” home with both form and function in mind.

Tucked away, it looks like a normal camper.


Once the tent starts unfolding however…



It turns into a thing of beauty.







For more information visit

Beautiful Water Faucet Is A Work Of Art And Sustainability

In a recent design contest, Simim Qui took home the iF Design Concept award for what has to be the most beautiful water faucet we’ve ever seen. If you’re like most people, you don’t give much thought to the way water looks when it flows from the tap. But once you see the patterned streams from his invention you’ll realize there’s something special here.






Basically the water flows through a double-turbine which creates a spectacular pattern. In fact, the design includes three settings, each producing a different spiral. Not only does the water look great as it spirals down in a lattice pattern, but it also saves 15% versus a traditional tap. In a world where we face increasing drought and demand for water, this product is something we hope to see in stores around the world.