The Miralkan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation just unveiled an amazing exhibit that features more than 2,300 suspended flowers blooming. The exhibit takes place in a huge white room, designed to completely immerse the senses and reduce the sense of space.

teamlab-floating-flower-garden-designboom-06 teamlab-floating-flower-garden-designboom-07 teamlab-floating-flower-garden-designboom-10 teamlab-floating-flower-garden-designboom-12 teamlab-floating-flower-garden-designboom-01 teamlab-floating-flower-garden-designboom-02

The project came about from teamlab, and you must watch the video to get a full idea of what’s going on. As visitors enter the room, suspended flowers move upward, slowly at first, and create a bubble of space around the viewer.

Images courtesy Teamlab