Tiny 690sf Farmhouse Is Perfect Inside And Out!


Think living in a 690sf house wouldn’t work for you? Think again! This is a prime example of what you can do with a small space. From the decor to the layout, everything is just about perfect.

Every inch, inside and out, is just wonderful!










Tiny Home Has One Incredible Space-Saving Feature You Must See


Tiny houses have gone mainstream, and with the increasing number of builds we’re seeing all sorts of creative ideas when it comes to making the most out of a small space. This modern style tiny home from Australia is just the latest example, and what makes it stand out is the creative use of a bed that raises or lowers to make extra space.

Aside from the clean modern design, this tiny house also features a detachable porch which further adds to the visual appeal and makes for a great little spot to hang out.

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15 Outlandish Homes Pushing The Limits Of Creativity

The world is a strange and beautiful place. Each of these 15 homes proves that we are not limited by conventional thought when it comes to designing and creating something truly unique. Using what we can find, what we know, and what we think we can learn, the world can become just a little bit stranger, and a lot more beautiful.

1 | A house on a rock in a lake in the fog in a forest.


2 | Thai Dome Home.

595-934x 602-934x

3 | House on a hill…or should I say in a hill.

5114-934x 5214-934x 5311-934x

4 | Next stop? House in a caboose. 

3324-934x 3227-934x

5 | Floating your boat house. 11116-934x

6 | Desert land bridge house.5810-934x 5710-934x 5610-934x

7 | House you could fit on a fork lift.

3523-934x 3324-934x

8 | The ‘no one knows’ house.


9 | Solar powered barrel house.

692-934x 687-934x

10 | There’s a 747 in my living room house.

3143-620x 4103-620x

11 | The grassy knoll house.


12 | Not your grand daddy’s trailer.


13 | Blue container house.


14 | The Frank Lloyd Wright house.


15 | The school bus…house.

686-934x 783-934x

20 Striking Images Of The Beautiful Ruins of Detroit


Detroit, MI. Once one of the worlds great cities. Born from the automobile industry and fueled by the WW2 war machine, Detroit rose to socio-economic prosperity at the turn of the 20th century. This period of wealth survived for decades until economic tragedy brought the city to its knees. Once an American treasure, Detroit has been largely abandoned and reduced to a tragic ruin of crumbling concrete and twisted steel.

Photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre have found beauty in that tragedy. In their book The Ruins of Detroit, they explore the far reaches of the rubble, effectively telling the story of the city’s demise. The images are striking, and show us how easily and swiftly our empires can fall.

These Awe-Inspiring Treehouses Will Sweep You Off Your Feet…Literally

No matter what your age, the idea of having a treehouse always captivates our imagination, spurring a sense of freedom and escape. And nobody does it better than Artistree, the skilled builder who created these magnificent examples for Cypress Valley Canopy Tours.

The Nest, inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, features a number of inter-connected units accessible via stairs, ladders, and bridges.

Cypress_Valley_Tree_House_-_0256_grande Cypress_Valley_Tree_House_-_0086_grande Cypress_Valley_Tree_House_-_0111_grande

I love the feeling of awe. We’ve all felt it at some point or another in our lives, probably more when we were kids. Feelings of awe seemingly break the shackles off one’s imagination, and open a world of possibilities.”

– Will Beilharz, treehouse designer / ArtisTree Homes


The Lofthaven is a smaller, albeit still incredible option for guests, designed to accommodate two people.

Cypress_Valley_Tree_House_-_0193_grande Treehouse_Home_2_grande Cypress_Valley_Tree_House_-_0222_grande

Photo courtesy of Artistree Homes

Aside from offering a magical escape for its guests, Cypress Canopy has plenty of other things to keep you entertained, from an exciting zipline to a more relaxing private waterfall bath.


This Unique “Ultra Green” Building Is Covered In A Green-Wall Exoskeleton

Brazilian architecture firm Triptyque have designed an office building in Sao Paolo that not only collects rain water, but utilizes a sophisticated filtration and delivery system to irrigate naturally insulating green walls. A maze-like network of water pipes snake up and down the building’s facades, fitted with misters that provide the living walls with freshly recycled rain water.

The project is an ecological experiment aimed at challenging how society deals with water – how it can be collected, recycled, and redistributed with little need for waste or run-off. In addition to the green wall system, a series of planted roofs further mitigate the structures environmental footprint. When the misting nozzles are on full tilt, the building is enveloped in what appears to be a stationary cloud, reinforcing the issue of water conservation in both function and aesthetic.

In 2010, the unique green features won this office building the ‘Built Environment’ award from the Zumtobel Group.

19 Beautiful Forest Cabins That Will Make You Wish You Were A Hobbit

Forest cabins hold a special place in many of our hearts. There is a calm serenity, a quiet solitude, a comforting familiarity that accompanies a rustic old cottage. For your viewing pleasure, here is a collection of 19 such structures, all neatly tucked into their surrounding canopy of elms, oaks, maples and pines. Enjoy!


Someone definitely wrote a novel here.

Just stop with that sun perfectly filtering through the trees.

I guess Fall is when you take pictures of your cabin.forest_house_4

Lights, camera, cabin!forest_house_5

No cabin is complete without a creepy, overgrown driveway.forest_house_6

Hobbit party.

If there isn’t a German living in there, I’ll give you a thousand dollars (I won’t, actually).


Every forest cabin needs a pool. Wait, what?

For the modernly inclined forest dweller.house_forest_

Abe Lincoln would be proud.house_forest_2

No swing? You call that a porch?

Pretty run of the mill, right? Get it? house_forest_9

I got nothing.


Be one with the forest. house_forest_12

Ghost face cabin.house_forest_13

Use the forest, Luke. Use the forest.house_forest_18

Did I already use my ‘mill’ pun?house_forest_19

Peeping Tom’s cabin.

All that’s missing is an ogre and a talking donkey.

You’ve Never Seen A Pre-Fab Cabin Quite Like This

Pre-fabricated architecture has taken the world by storm in the last decade, and it’s easy to see why. Build a house in a factory and piece it together on a plot of land hundreds of miles away, all in a matter of weeks? Count me in. There are, however, limitations to this type of construction, forcing architects to adhere to a box that will fit neatly on the back of a flat bed truck.

The thing about Swedish designer Torsten Ottesjö? He isn’t really into limitations.

Ottesjö works for Cargo Collective, who aimed to take pre-fab to the a-typical limit. They ended up with an organic, curvilinear form that flies in the face of everything we’re used to seeing in factory-built structures. The cabin is inspired by an abundant native fish, and consists of a single open space that slithers its way through the landscape. Local wood species are draped inside and out, further tying this one-of-a-kind modular building into it’s final resting place.

Students Design Retro-Rustic Offgrid Nomad Camper For Easy Towing

The housing crisis may be over, but plenty of people all over still face the challenge of trying to find a place to call home. This retro-rustic styled dwelling is one of the prototypes from +FARM‘s summer design studio, where students immerse themselves in design and construction practices, attempting to bring new solutions to fruition.

The 2015 Nomad Studio shown here is modest, but beautiful, with a tiny 8′ x 5′ interior that sleeps two and quickly transforms into a lounge space. It has deployable solar panels that create 1kw, powering the coffee maker and film projector, and there’s even a stowable composting toilet hidden away.

Photos courtesy Andrew Nisbet

Beautiful Tiny A-Frame Nestled Among The Redwoods

Drive north of San Francisco a few hours and you enter a part of California that’s unlike most of the rest of the state. The sandy beaches are replaced by rocky shores, and the vast desert plains by lush rolling hills filled with massive Redwoods. This little A-frame seems like the perfect escape, located just a short drive from the Sonoma Coast and some historic old towns.

Interested in staying at this beautiful little A-Frame? You can rent it via Airbnb.