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Airstream With A Gypsy-Chic Restoration Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

When Robin Pearl Brown and her husband John Gray got ahold of a used Airstream trailer on Ebay, they decided to give it an overhaul. But unlike most restorations, they took it to another level completely, infusing it with a unique style that has to be seen.

magnolia-airstream-1 magnolia-airstream-2 magnolia-airstream-3 magnolia-airstream-4 magnolia-airstream-5 magnolia-airstream-6 magnolia-airstream-7 magnolia-airstream-8 magnolia-airstream-9 magnolia-airstream-10 magnolia-airstream-11Sure it might not be your style, but this extensive restoration certainly brings new life into this once forgotten piece of Americana.


We Are In Love With This Stunning Airstream Conversion

The highly polished exterior is the first hint that something special lurks inside this 1954 Flying Cloud. It was originally used as a hunting and fishing lodge near Goose Lake, Oregon. Thanks to a rather elegant restoration courtesy Timeless Travel Trailers it has a new lease on life as a showpiece for Orvis, one of the country’s oldest fishing and outdoor equipment companies.

This is like the G5 Jet of Airstreams as far as I’m concerned.┬áInside isn’t as shiny but it’s just as polished. It includes formica countertops, plush leather seating, hickory wood and aged oak, all of which add up to a luxurious pad. Timeless didn’t stop at the interior and exterior. In fact, they gutted everything in the drivetrain, replacing brakes, axles, suspension, wheels, and tires. They even raised the chassis a bit to give it some extra ground clearance, which means you could take this bad boy just about anywhere.