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Airstream With A Gypsy-Chic Restoration Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

When Robin Pearl Brown and her husband John Gray got ahold of a used Airstream trailer on Ebay, they decided to give it an overhaul. But unlike most restorations, they took it to another level completely, infusing it with a unique style that has to be seen.

magnolia-airstream-1 magnolia-airstream-2 magnolia-airstream-3 magnolia-airstream-4 magnolia-airstream-5 magnolia-airstream-6 magnolia-airstream-7 magnolia-airstream-8 magnolia-airstream-9 magnolia-airstream-10 magnolia-airstream-11Sure it might not be your style, but this extensive restoration certainly brings new life into this once forgotten piece of Americana.


1959 Short Bus Made Into A Hippy-Chic Cottage On Wheels

Prior to the incredible restoration, this 1959 Chevrolet Vikingshort bus was a rusted out shell that would give you tetnus just by looking at it. After Winkelman Architects got their hands on it however it transformed into something quite different – an extraordinary short bus designed for adventure.

Photo credit: Trent Bell

“The floor is salvaged heart pine to maximize durability, installed using the original surface of the resawn boards exposed to look like it has been there for half a century”

With an abundnace of custom woodwork, beautiful new upholstry, and modern finishes including electricity, toilet, sink, and complete plumbing, this unique bus infuses 1960’s hippy-chic and Moroccan style for a totally unique and retro vibe. The new owners now have a cottage on wheels that can take their family on all sorts of outings into the wild.